Thursday, November 11, 2010

Erin..this photo is for you!

Erin, thanks again for making the last 2 1/2 weeks wonderful!

The Indiana Maas Family!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank you Erin, and we're sorry we got you sick!

Having Erin here has been absolutely wonderful. She's been a lot of help, and the companionship has been priceless...its so nice to have an "adult" to visit with any time I want to. Elise has learned to snuggle up and just sleep with her, its so cute!

Aunt Miako's handmade gift!

My sister in law made these (wihtout much warning either) for Elise, aren't they cute! I'm going to have to request the pattern!

Pictures by Jessica

Didn't Jessica do a fabulous job? Now to pick one for our Christmas card. :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This week.... +2 if we are still counting

Elise is 2 weeks old, crazy no?!  I am working on posting new pics on the blog but I just realized the camera battery needs to be charged before I can upload pics so it may be another day or two before that gets done.
Jeff just left this afternoon for the airport he will be at a conference in DC for 3 days, then the day after he gets back he will be defending his preliminary defense. (stressful!!!) To celebrate it being done on Friday we plan to take Erin to Chicago to serve her the famous Giordano's pizza! Then on Saturday she will be flying home back to Ut.
This past week has gone by quickly, I can't say we've done a whole log but we did have a few noteworthy things happen.
1. Elise is gaining weight well and learning to sleep eat on 2 hour intervals.
2. I am learning to function on minimal sleep
3. I played co-ed Volleyball with Jeff Friday night, (2 week + few hours since Elise's birth, so I met the Dr's orders) It felt great! I can tell that my body still needs to loose weight but I felt awesome and it felt even better to get moving around.
5. Ben didn't have school so he had some extra 1:1 time with Elise, both Ehre and Ben are getting to be really good baby holders. Ehre even helped with a diaper change today.
6. Erin has been a big help, its so nice to have her here, I get a lot more done, what will I do with out her for the 6 days before mom and dad arrive next week?
7. I've lost 20 lbs since Elise's birth, 20 more to go. (Blah, that's not really good news but it could have been worse) I have noticed that my feet have new "wrinkles" from all the swelling, but since I didn't get any "new" stretchmarks this pregnancy, I guess its a fair trade.
Elise is hungry (again) time to go.
Love you