Friday, November 14, 2008

Scrapbooking Program

Ok I really really really want a scrap booking program, I was able to do these but its from a simple package that came with our computer, requires online access (which we don't have at home right now) and you only work with in the packaged holiday 1 you can't use what is in other packages... does anyone know of a good digital scrap booking program we can buy to do this at home that lets me "embellish" how ever I may want to?

These were fun to make! Say good by to scrap booking by hand, no more paper mess!

A Dream House...oneday.

Jeff and Ehre enjoyed a walk before Church.

A Quick Trip for a Birthday Party!

Ehre has been asking for a long time when we are going to go and visit her cousin Hannah again....well it was sooner than we thought.

Alice had emailed me last week to see if we could come up this week for a birthday party for Hannah, but this week is the primary program so we asked if we could hang up and drive up then....she said 2 hours later we were on the road. Its only a 3 1/2 hour drive now that they've moved and it was a fun weekend.

The pics...well Jeff wasn't thrilled that our daughter was holding an expensive Violin, so we sent him out of the room. Ben, well he obviously doesn't know how to treat a violin so its a good thing he had the fake one. All in all, Ehre loved it! So maybe in a few years (after we've mastered piano lessons) we'll start her on the violin. Keep an eye out for us on a affordable small violin!

This is their home its beautiful and sits on 10 acres, 1/2 marshland but that's ok...they live in "Marshal". ha ha ha