Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ehre's Birthday!

Ehre had a wonderful play date with her friends for her birthday. She loved having them all over for pink princess cupcakes. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to decorate them cute, and I don't they turned out all that bad. :)

I can't believe she is 5! Honestly it seems not that long ago that we were pregnant with her. She is a joy to have in our family (even if she did get into my black paint last night and paint the wall and desk...) She is so creative and very smart. She loves to read and she loves to dance.

She also is musical, she remembers things quickly if there is a tune to go with it. She has memorized the first 2 Articles of Faith, and is almost finished with the 3rd, and its only January!

Happy Birthday Ehre!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Potty Training & Life.

Christmas this year was wonderful, I'll get around to posting photos later. :) It was wonderful to have my parents in town for graduation, and great to see Spencer before he heads of on a mission (this was the last time we'll see him for 2+ years)
:( He will be a great missionary and we are excited for him.

We received so many thoughtful gifts and treats, and are so grateful for the thoughts and good wishes that came with them. I'm no Scrooge but it felt good to put away all the Christmas decorations and start focusing on Ehres' birthday this week.

After Ben's stinky diaper this morning, I decided that I'd have to start the potty training anyways so I should just start now. I'm proud to report that Ben has done an amazing job! No accidents and he even survived a trip to WalMart! I hope that by the end of the week he has the hang of this new routine.

Ehre is being a supportive sister, she reminds him often, which is very helpful. We are still working on getting them to play nicely. At daycare they have always been separate. We were hoping the arguments they were having over the last year in the evenings were just because they were tired....after today I sadly report that no its not because they are tired. They need to learn how to play together again...and I need to find where ever I stashed my patience. :)

So we all survived the day, which is a good thing. :)
Lots of Love!