Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another one... :)

I know another survey, but hey I have a lot of surveys for some odd reason this semester, but this one is a HUGE % of my grade in a class, and its giving me a lot of problems so I could really use some help here!

Recently told you of a survey that I was doing regarding Medicaid insurance. There have been some difficultites with that particular study so I have made some changes to include other insurance companies as well. If you can take a few minutes to answer my questions I would really appreicate it. I present in 2 weeks so a quick responce would be well appreciated! ( I promise this isn't procrastination just a difficult study for people to do in person, everyone wants it totally anonymous....so now it is :)


Thanks so very very very much!

Ps. Feel free to forward this survey on to ANYONE you know. 100 responces is a hard number to fill!