Thursday, March 4, 2010

Awesome find...

I've been looking for a new purse for a while now, I wanted to buy something that would last a long time, since cheap purses wear out sooo fast! I looked at Target, and other stores and couldn't find anything I liked. I really wanted a cross-body bag, something that I didn't have to worry about falling off my shoulder. I found one at Target, but it was too small for my planner and cost $35 which really isn't bad but I hoped to find something on clearance.

Then yesterday I swung by Good Will, I found this lovely purse by Ameribag. ITs black, fits my planner and was in like new condition. The shoulder strap is lined with a leather lined non slip material, there is leather on the side for durability, and its super comfy to wear! I bought it for $3...looked online it retails for $90. :) I am happy!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ehre and Her Boss

A little background: Ehre began helping me with dishes when she turned 4, but it was on a voluntary basis.  As soon as she turned 5 it was become her responsibility to do so in earnest.  So every night we are working on dishes and I try and give her constructive criticism so that she can improve.  When she washes the table she needs to have it passed off for inspection by me.

Sunday night: Ehre and I were doing dishes and she started washing the table.  I was washing pans when she came to ask for her inspection.  I didn't want to go right then, so I figured this once I would just let it be.  So I said, "Ehre, you know what I look for, why don't you inspect the table tonight."  She said OK and went to the table and looked at sideways and front ways, got down low, looked real close and said, "Ehre you forgot to wash right here and there is still some food on Ben's chair."  She followed it up by wiping her hand over the table's surface and said, "And it is still sticky over here, I need to wash this."  By now I was standing at the entrance to the dining room watching and smiling.  When she finished she came and told me she was all done and that the table was clean.  Seems my work is done, I've already raised her and she's only 5!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ben's new girlfriend

Ben is so cute. We we got home from church today it happened something like this.
Dad: Ok kids you can unbuckle, lets go have lunch
Ben: My princes she's buckled up (Moving to the back seat of the van)
Dad: What princes?
Ben: Here she is (unbuckling car seat)
(everyone exits the car, Ben with his arms wrapped around his body)
Mom: Ben what are you doing?
Ben: Carrying my Princess... (smile)
(Everyone is almost to the door when I looked back, Ben had been walking next to us and now he was running back to the car)
Mom: Ben what are you doing?
Ben: My princess, come with me (Again wraps his arms around himself till he gets inside the house saying) Come on you have to come inside too.
Apparently Ben has an imaginary girlfriend that goes to church with us...its cute!