Monday, March 12, 2012

We may have a problem...

...Elise doesn't like change.

Today Elise

1. Wouldn't eat anything but breakfast or 1 fruit snack.

2. She wouldn't eat dinner and it was noodles and chicken a favorite... but she did have a piece of bread.

3. She was tired but still screamed at bedtime.

4. We finally got her up and gave her a sippy of milk..she refused to drink it till I handed off Beck and fed her myself on my lap.

5. Jeff and I are thinking she is jealous of Beck....this is going g to be an interesting ride.

6. As you can see she is now cuddled up in our bed next to me as I nurse Beck, happy as can be.

Where did our good eater and fabulous sleeper go? How long till we get her back?

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