Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 New YEar Resolutions

1. Well balanced meals
2. Help Kids join in on family chores.
3. Organize my home

1. Teach kids the 12 article of Faith songs
2. Stick to a family budget
3. More quality family time (see things to do)

1. Daily Family Scripture Study
2. Weekly Family Home Evening
3. (Ann) No talking before Sacrament meeting to friends, focus on contributing to a quiet sacrament meeting room.
4. 1st Saturday Temple Trips
5. Magnify our church callings.

1. Focus specific time each day on each child.
2. Daily personal scripture study/Journal writing
3. Patience, figure out a way to better express myself to my children.
4. “Be a teacher, not a babysitter”
5. Work out 6/7 days a week
6. Focus on the positive.

1. Nauvoo trip
2. Camping at Mammoth Caves
3. 1 camping trip/month in the summer
4. Kirtland trip

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