Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fire Trucks at 11 pm

We practiced our fire safety last nigh, at 11pm. Jeff and I were laying in bed reading when our Carbon monoxide detector went off...what a surprise! We went downstairs and reset it, and then it went off again, so we called the fire department.

They kindly asked us to wake up the children and open up windows and stay where there was fresh air. Kids didn't really want to wake up, or sit in on the steps next to the cold front door, but all in all did really well.

The firetruck came, with lights flashing, and three men checked out our house. In the end, well it was a faulty detector. They aren't sure why it went off but sometimes they do, so we'll need to replace it.

When they left I felt a little better but not enough to let the kids sleep in the other room, so we had them sleep on our floor and we kept the window slightly open so that there was a "fresh and freezing cold breeze" coming into the room. :)

So to all our neighbors that were disturbed by the flashing lights, sorry! The best part of this whole experience was that we had a chance to run through our emergency drills with the kids, and we passed 100%.

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