Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Firetrucks and Ambulances

Today we got to learn about what paramedics and firefighters do. I'll chalk this up to being a very personal and inexpensive field trip for my kids.

My dad has been working on our basement, and today the CO2 monitors kept going off or was it Carbon Monoxide...which ever it was the bad one. :) This happened several times so he asked the fire department to come out on a code 1 to check it out.

Ben and I were the only ones to test positive, I tested at a 1%, but the scary part was Ben was testing at 15%, which is really high and they were beginning to think that he needed to go to the hospital. After a little while they called a second unit to come out and double check things because they suspected that they may have a faulty monitor from the first crew. They were so thorough and good working with Ben, who happened to be feeling poorly and very tired today anyways (didn't help since those are also symptoms). You could tell that they cared about Ben and really wanted to make sure that the readings were correct so he could get proper care, and/or avoid a hospital trip. Overall Ben was cool with everything, and he thought the whole event was really interesting.

There were two guys finishing paramedic school that were running today as well, and it made me jealous, even though our house was the first call of the day, they have a really cool job, even if some days are slow.

So that was our adventure for today, everything is fine, and we had some concerned neighbors but what do yoiu expect when there are two firetrucks, two ambulances, and a police car plus 9 guys in blue uniforms standing out side your house.


Michelle said...

I'm glad everyone is okay!! I hope you are enjoying your trip to UT. I wish we were up there and could see you. :)

Tracy said...

Dear Ann,
I'm glad you are all okay, but I miss you, please come back.

Your friend,