Friday, April 6, 2012

1 month old

This week has been filled with Dr appointments.
1) Beck is doing great. At birth he was 7.4 he is now 10.7! Wow he is our "chubby" one!

2) Jeff "got" to go to the dentist. Long story short his two.crowns that were done 2 years ago failed and one needed a root canal done...$2000 later he is.feeling much better.

3) Ben hasn't been feeling great this week.and yesterday we noticed a fine raised rash all over his whole body. I took him in today...scarlet fever. So he is on meds now and will ne feeling better in 24 hours.  He will miss a cousins Easter egg hunt but should be.doing great by the time we hang out with more family on Sunday for Beck's blessing.

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