Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Unite girls night "out"...

...technically none of us were at home. I forgot to get a picture but Tuesday night Emily, Dawn and Julare brought cookies and flowers and came to visit me! This was so much fun, we visited, laughed and adored Beck for a while before they had to return to their mom duties. For me hospital evenings last forever are boring...and I can't sleep well. Having the girls over made time fly...that plus some Ambien at bed time made for a perfect evening.

Thank you!

PS. A special thanks also to everyone that has been so helpful with picking up our kids or watching them for baby appointments etc. We have been SO blessed with awesome people in our lives.

Jeff told me these past 9 months did not feel like the other pregnancies. I am sure this is because with him being so busy I had great friends that I could turn to. I owe a lot of favors, or I should say alot of " pay it forwards" ! You all will be greatly missed!!!

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