Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breakfast blessings

I love it when you meet someone that kinda sticks in your  mind. There is a man here that works  delivering meal trays at Arnette. I remember him from a year ago, and this morning I could hear him as he came off the elevator, and imediatly it made me smile. This man radiates with joy, music and love. He delivers all the meals with a musical hum, and that's what I could hear.  He has a beautiful smile, and reminds me of a New Orleans Jazz player.  He always inquires about the new baby and then today as he left he said three times "Lord bless them". There is just something about him that is incredible.
I hope one day that I will have this short but lasting effect on people. because of him my morning feels so much happier and beautiful.  I don't even know if he realizes his effect on others, but its a talent and a blessing.
To any of my friends that have also deliverd at Arnette, do you know this man as well?


Kim Davis said...

Ann, first congratulations! He looks like a sweetie.

We had the same man deliver our food when Gavin was in the NICU. He definitely had the same effect on me. He always asked how Gavin was doing and said "God bless them." too. He would always check him out and compliment him. He does leave a great impression! He was my favorite meal delivery man. haha. :)

Hope all goes well!!

Julia and Aaron said...

Ann, congrats on your beautiful little baby!! I told Lilly this morning that Ben had a new baby brother.

I do remember this man from Riley's birth. He stood out. He was joyous!

Jessica said...

Yes! I remember him! He honestly made each day better while I was there. What a neat person!

Weigel Family said...

I know what guy you are talking about. He is a very nice man-- he does seem always happy and so full of joy. Also, Beck is super cute.

Melissa said...

I know who you are talking about. He always put a smile on my face too. I also remembered him from my last delivery. I just remembered that he gave us a little CD, I need to see if I can find it.