Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Piano Lessons

I am excited to report that I am teaching piano lessons again. Its been a while but this is going to be fun. I was only planning to teach 2 kids, but then realized there was a need in our stake for more teachers. So I took on a few...12 more. I now teach for an hour every afternoon M-F and a few lessons while Ben is at Preschool. I figure it was less work than my second class (that I dropped) and plus I get paid to do something I like.

Ben is now also taking lessons, and though his are quite short and feel quite scatterbrained (I try to relate the lessons to things that he likes, such as cars, airplanes driving up and down the keyboard etc) he is making progress. He can find all the C's and G's, and is good about finding black cluster keys and black chords. (We refer to these sets of black keys as groups of friends, also we relate them to their white friends nearby...Jeff overheard and I think at first he thought I was racist, till he realized we were talking about the piano!)

 Ehre is still taking lessons, her counting has really improved. She has learned that if she practices 4 days a week she gets to have pizza at school on Fridays. Our first piano recital will be in December, and I am excited. I have a great bunch of kids and this is going to be fun to see them progress with their lessons.

Did I mention, the money we earn goes towards our trip to Utah (for a month) next year? Isn't that wonderful! I've got some great deadlines coming up.....

Bookfair in October
Elise's Birthday on Oct 22
Thanksgiving (My parents hopefully visiting)
8th year anniversary
Ehre's Birthday
Jeff's Birthday
Ben's Birthday
Jeff's Defense
New Baby arriving
Final offer from CRANE
Packing up and then on May 1st .... moving in with my parents for a month until we start our job in Bloomington.

I love all these little celebrations coming up it makes time pass by really fast!

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