Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chicken Enchiladas Story

This is one of my favorite dishes...and I never make it. Mostly because I never have the ingredients on hand. But this week just before I went to do my grocery shopping...ok when I was in the WalMart parking lot. I quickly looked up the recipe and wrote down everything I would need. It took me about an hour, and I made two extra sides to freeze for later, but in the end I had a delicious Enchilada dish. (1/2 with olives for me, and 1/2 without for Jeff :)

When we served up everyone's plates, this is the conversation that followed:
Ben: I don't like it
Jeff: You should be grateful your mom made you dinner
Ben: I don't like it.....continued for 5 minutes
Jeff : Ben you should tell your mother thank you for dinner.
Ben: Mom, I am grateful you made dinner, but I am not grateful you served me some (seriously!!!! smarty pants)
Jeff: Just taste it, take a bite.
Ben.......4 bites later, I love it!

:) Oh the joys of trying new dishes on kids!

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