Sunday, January 10, 2010

Its sooo cold!

Hey Family!
We received about 5" of snow on Thursday and then it was extremely cold (-2) last night, so for the past few days we really haven't ventured anywhere. Jeff and the kids did build a LG snowman and covered a box to make an igloo, but they were working as fast as they could to return to the warm house. We've probably gone through almost a whole container of Hot Chocolate too!
The adjustment to being a full time mom is slowly coming, I've learned that acquiring patience is twice as hard as loosing it. (at least!) I hate to share this story, seeing that I don't want to reinforce Ehre's behavior, but its kind of funny. Its amazing how much influence a sister can have over a little sibling. Ehre's learned that once we've put the kids in bed, she can quietly whisper "Ben, come up on my bed" or "Ben turn on the light", and after he hears these whispers, he will perform the suggested action. Then as soon as he is on her bed or the light is on, this is what we hear. " MOOOOOOOM, Ben's on my Bed!" or "DAAAADDDY Ben turned on the light, and now I can't sleep!" Lately she's been very observant that we don't go to bed when they do, and she asks,
Ehre:"Mom, are you going to bed right now?"
Mom: "Nope, mom and dad are having their time together now"
Ehre: "But I want time with you two, tooo!"
Mom: "Sorry."
Ehre: How come you get to watch a movie tonight and we have to go to bed?
Mom: Because its not our bed time.
Ehre: When I'm 10 I'm going to stay up with you guys too!
With these bedtime conversations, she keeps us laughing!
This week school starts at Purdue again, so Jeff is getting ready for his class. This is his last class that he needs to graduate, after this semester all he needs to worry about his his research for his preliminary defense and then in a year and 1/2 his actual defense! So guess what hopefully by 2012 we'll be out of here!  Hopefully by the time Jeremiah is returning to the states we'll have an idea of when Jeff will be graduating and where we will be going.
Major accomplishment of this week, I think Ben for the most part is potty trained! Oh, it will be so nice to not buy diapers anymore. :)  He's doing a great job with independently managing this (which is sooo nice).  Ehre has memorized the first Article of Faith and today we'll work on #2, we've set a goal for her to learn all the songs this year, and she is on the right track! Other than that we did have a co-ed Volleyball night, and it was a lot of fun to finally play volleyball with Jeff. We've never played before so it was a lot of fun to show him how hard I can serve a ball....right at him!
Sorry this is a short email, I am writing as we are all preparing for church in 2 hours.
Lots of love!
Ann & the family!

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The Shoogs said...

I wish I could be there in the snow. I miss it so much. Nice graduation photos. They look really nice. Miss you guys and hope to have an encounter sometime in the near future.