Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beautiful Poem

This is a poem I ran across regarding our Heavenly Fathers understanding regarding our personal trials.
So beautiful!

With every tear that falls, there is a lost heart that calls.
it calls to say I'm here, don't dispair, I will come to you
when the time is right, when you least expect me and through
the quiet night open your heart to me, accept me, I will be there
in the end.
Your wait may be long, you may get frustrated by the whole
ordeal. In the end I will be real. While others around you are
succeeding your heart goes on bleeding.
I would thank you for being patient, I would thank you for
being the kind of person who shows persistance. If it were not
for this, I may never get the chance to have an existence.
In the chaos of your day, the calm of your night, let your heart
soar and take flight.
For so many tears, for so many years. You have been trying,
thinking of giving up but never doing it. In the end you just keep
on going in the hopes that I will come to you, the one who deserves
me, the one who can love me as no other can. You will be that
mother that you always wanted to be. Just you keep waiting for me.


Michelle said...

Oh Ann, that is beautiful.... Thanks for sharing it. I have been thinking about you lately.

Stacie, Grant, Mantha, Matt said...

Thank you I really needed that today!!!