Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hello All!

Amy-  Thanks for starting up a weekly email again!

Maas news, yes I registered for a mini-marathon, I will run it April 27, hopefully Spenser's birthday will bring some luck...or energy. I ran a 5 mile trail race yesterday. Typically I am running a consistent 11-12 minute mile (I know nothing fast) but on this race I had not trained for the muddy hills so it pushed to more of a 13 mile run. My hips are still a little sore but I'll get a 3-4 mile run in this afternoon. School started and I am working on another nursing pre-req, I hope to get into a program when Beck is in preschool. I did get a job with IU hospital, orientation starts in a week but after that I only will have to work 1/3 weekends, I am super excited for these changes...they are things that for me focus on talents that I've been given. I know some people disagree with mom's working, but we've arranged so that when I am not home the kids are with an amazing mom and well cared for (this part will only last 2 weeks) and then when I am on shift they will be with Jeff.

Jeff's work is going well though all work travel has been suspended, all purchasing suspended and there is a talk of a possible 2-3 week furrlow in March.(- mom and dad we may not be doing a lot of work when you are here.) This is all because the government can't decide on a national budget fix but they could decide that they should cut 50 billion in the defense...yikes. I'm still voting for cutting the nations representatives personal income until they can figure things out. Hopefully this is temporary.

Ehre starts piano lessons with a new teacher this week, and I am super excited. I think this will be really good for her....even if we have to drive 15 minutes to get there. School has been delayed this morning for 2 hours because of the 5' weather outside....but at 10 it will only be 9'...not much of a difference. We'll use this extra time this morning to play some games and practice the piano.

Benjamin, loved this weekend. We had the Allen's come down for a 2 day visit over the holiday weekend. Ben loved seeing his friends again! Be's reading is really taking off too I love hearing him read the scriptures at night.

Elise...is starting to be a real screamer...she thinks it s fun. I do not.  She has finally adapted to nursery and loves it now.

Beck is growing like a weed. We're still not close to walking, it looks like he will be like everyone else and wait till he is a year old. He still doesn't eat food well, and loves those bottles.

Other than that everyone is now happy and healthy after last weeks illnesses. We love and miss you all!


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