Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pre- Conference Camping Trip

Hello Friends,

Don't sweat it when you realize that both Purdue and IU friends have been invited!

I am trying to put together a family camp out with friends. I am planning this the Friday night before General Conference, because we will still have time to get back and maybe a hike in the am will help the kiddo's let us listen to conference better...especially if they are napping!

When:Oct 5th
Where: Brown Co...location to be determined
Dinner Time: 6:30
Kids Bedtime: Dark
Parents: well we can stay up and play games and eat dutch oven dessertt.

Email me back if you are interested and we can make more definite plans! Doesn't dutch oven cooking, tinfoil dinners, smores and bread pies sound amazing right now!...oh and Hot Chocolate too!



Michelle said...

I wish we could come!! That sounds fun and good. :) I hope you get a good turnout.

Gigi said...

Please tell me more about bread pies. Everything else sounds great!