Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weather and Computers

We got the rain we were praying for...well some of it. But it sent some other problems as well. When we had the thunderstorms during church we oohed and awed...but then came home to see that for some reason it fried the power supply to our computer... so I'll be working of my phone for a while. Not sure when the computer will get fixed. I do have my small laptop but it doesn't work very fast, its great for what we purchased it for, me taking notes and keeping up with classes while I was in school but that was a few years ago. Jeff's computer got him through gradschool but is on the fast declien as well. I guess we'll add a new computer to the "purchase when funds become available" list. So please bear with us, updates may be less frequent, webcam options are gone for a while unless my laptop is having a good day.

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