Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm glad that they have emery....

.... I only wish they would share. I've been up since 5 unpacking. We did this till 1 am Friday night from 7-11 Saturday, and we are almost done. One small problem I am loosing my motivation. Jeff and I still have an office to paint and organize, a bunk bed to assemble, and we haven't touched our room much. My kids have been such troopers, often bored with the unpacking, and its too hot to play outside long. Everyone here has been motivated by the leftover ice cream bars we elder to our EQ movers. I am thrilled to have a kitchen and appliances back, but the kitchen isn't ready yet for cooking much unless you don't need a countertop. My goal is to be done by.Wednesday night. The garbage man comes on Thursday, if my kids can pit up with me till then I think we will make our goal.

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