Monday, June 11, 2012


Well tonight I hit 999 names, I really wanted to complete my first 1000 but that would require doing another batch. Our Stake has a goal that each member do 1000 names. My goal is to do those names for my family, so that means I need only 5001 more names. 
Have you tried indexing yet? Its fun, and you can do it while visiting with others, or while your hubby watches a movie... and its for a great cause!  Tonight I had an interesting page, the household included, a chambermaid from Switzerland, a waitress from Denmark, a Chauffeur, etc... it was fully staffed! (This was a NY household I wonder what their income was like.)
I also spent some time entering in death certificates, its incredible how many deaths were caused by illnesses that we treat today, even more surprising were the number of stillborns. I am so grateful for modern medicine!

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