Thursday, April 12, 2012

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How to Make a Full Paper Tulip

Make a Full Paper Tulip

Springtime means tulips and while not everyone can pick tulips from their garden to display in the home, it is possible to make beautiful tulips using just paper. This simple tutorial will show you how to make a full paper tulip to decorate your home or to use as a gift decoration. For an easier project, see How to Make an Origami Tulip.

  1. Fold the 8" x 11" (20cm x 28cm) paper to turn it into a triangle.

  2. Cut off the excess piece of paper out created by the fold. Put it aside (you'll need it later). You should be left with a right triangle.

  3. Unfold the triangle and fold it the opposite way. You should have a square piece of paper with an 'X' across it.

  4. Crease the folds so that the middle of the 'X' is pointing up.

  5. Fold the bottom piece of paper up to meet at the top.

  6. Unfold the paper. Fold the sides together and unfold again.

  7. Put the sides together.

  8. Flatten it down.

  9. Turn the triangle upside down.

  10. Fold the flaps down to meet at the corner.

  11. Turn the paper over and do the same thing on the other side.

  12. Turn a flap over to the right.

  13. Flip the paper over and turn a flap over to the right again.

  14. Take the opposite ends of the flap and insert one corner of a flap into the other flap.

  15. Flatten it down and repeat on the other side.

  16. Hold it with index fingers inside the folded flaps and thumbs supporting the outside.

  17. Blow into the hole facing you, while tugging on the folded flaps to let air in. If the paper won't fill with air you may have to stick a pencil in the hole and push the sides out.

  18. Fold or curl the petals down with a pencil or pen.

  19. Put the tulip head aside and grab the excess piece of paper cut off earlier.

  20. Fold this piece of paper lengthwise three times. This creates the tulip's stem.

  21. Insert the stem into the hole in the tulip head.

  • If you haven't used colored paper, you might like to color it before folding it into a tulip. Or , choose paper that already has a color you like.
  • Add sparkles, ribbon bows and other decorative elements if wished.
  • Make in various sizes. You could make a lovely display with differently sized paper tulips.

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