Friday, February 24, 2012


Just a few....
1. We will buy a home but are now delayed because of conditions about graduating that will be with our job offer...but we will work through these :)
2. A week from this moment Jeff defense will be over!
3. Had my 36 week appointment today I am 1 cm and 50% so thinks are preparing well for the baby.
4. My dr had her baby so I had to dwight, but this means that my next appointment was moved up s day too. So next Thursday they I will the se if they can encourage Beck to come!
5. My house is 35% packed. I hope to be at 60% by next Wednesday.
6. We got general conference tickets!!!!
7. Some amazing friends..a lot suprises me with a farewell / baby party last night. It was awesome and sweet. This will be ny hardest move in my life....I've figured out so much about myself, the church, RS, kids and friends here. I will miss every one alot!
8. ... oh that's it :)  time to go finish a few more boxes before kids wake up!


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Michelle said...

Oh good luck with everything!! I wish I could come and help. I am glad that your wonderful friends threw you a fun party. So many fun things going on for you guys!! Good luck!!