Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tower of Babel Cake

Just as the wicked people of Babel built a tower to try to get to heaven, so will you build a "tower" with pieces of Devils Food Cake.

Story: Ether 1 :33 and Genesis 11. Jared and his brother lived in a place called Babel. Many wicked people also lived there. The wicked people built a tower, called the Tower of Babel, to get to heaven. This made the Lord Angry.

The Lord changed the language of the wicked people so that they all used  different words. They couldn't understand each other.

The brother of Jared was a good man who obeyed the Lord. He prayed and asked the Lord not to change the language of his family and friends, who were called Jaredites. The Lord didn't change their language because they were righteous and because Jared had prayed to Him.

Discussion Questions:
1. Why did the wicked peopel fo Babel build a twoer?
2. HOw do you tihnk the Lord felt about this?
3. How do we get to Heaven?
4. What did the Lord do to the wicked people?
5. Who was righteous and living in Babel?

(Use a Devils Food Cake mix and frosting)

Have family members wash thier hands, tehn give them several pieces of cake and put the frosting bowl where everyone can reach it. Place a cookie sheet in the middle of the group, and have each family member stack one piece of cake on top of another to build your own "tower," adding frosting between each layer. Tell the story of the "tower of Babel," and when your own tower collapses, gather up the pieces and eat as you tell the rest of the story.

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