Monday, January 2, 2012

Sick Elise update...

After a few phone calls to Jeff, my mom a nurse and finally my uncle who is a Dr., we took Elise into the urgent care. (Not the ER like the RN recommended). Am I the only one that avoids taking kids in because its expensive and I'd hate to be told "its nothing" and be sent home? Thanks to the phone calls and a fever that was staying at 103 I took Elise in and guess, what I wasn't paranoid or crazy, she has a bad L ear infection. So we just started a bunch of meds, and hopefully she'll be back on her feet soon, which is good because with Jeff spending every waking hour finishing his defense, I can't handle more than one sleepless night...even if she's cute!

oh brighter news, kind of... knowing how busy Jeff is going to be, we have extended my stay with the kids in Utah. We will stay an extra 3 days! (Which I am quite excited about!)

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