Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ultrasound Pics

We have a healthy baby_______! I had been forewarned at my last Dr visit that this baby was cradled really really low (took 15 min to find the heart beat), and because of this we may not be able to find out the gender. But our tech said she wouldn't let us leave until she had figured it out. This baby _______ is sitting really low, but "it" is really healthy and looks great. We also found out why I haven't felt this one move much, the placenta is located at the top active portion of my uterus. In the past it has always been along my spinal region. So when this baby kicks or pushes up... all "it" his is a nice cushion.

We will go over everything with the Dr on our next visit, the technician didn't say anything about changing the due date, so I hope it doesn't budge, UNLESS they want to move it forward. :)

Here are some pics, Jeff and I really enjoyed this visit with no kids today, thank you so much to friends that have helped us out today!


Michelle said...

Your kids just like to keep you on your toes Ann and surprise you!! I am so glad that baby is healthy. I am excited for you guys!

Annalisa said...

I'm saying its a boy!

Annalisa said...

It is definitely a boy!

Kris said...

So are you not announcing what it is?! Glad all is going well!