Sunday, November 22, 2009


My mom just sent me an email, and I loved all that she expressed gratitude for, so here's my list. Quite similar, I know.
Happy Turkey Week!
Ps. Its terribly early I know, but we couldn't wait, the kids and Jeff wanted to sing Christmas songs, so the tree is going :)


1. My husband. He works so hard to provide for our family. He loves each and everyone of us. He has gone back to school and is doing a fabulous job. I love him. Jeff entered grad school knowing it was going to be tough, and he was right but he still keeps moving forward.

2. My children, while we hope that they aren't our only, I am so grateful that they are turning out so nicely. They have beautiful smiles and wonderful personalities. A part of me regrets the time missed these past few months as I finished my degree, but I hope that I can make up for that after graduation.

3. Mydegree. I never thought I'd finish college. I wanted to but a part of me, thought that it was too hard. I now realize that there is a time and season for things, and now was my time to finish college. My husband and children were the extra motivation that I needed.

4. My home. I am so thankful that we have a nice home,  and live in a  wonderful community where else in IN can you find 12 amazing LDS families, full of wonderful sisters and mothers going through grad school with you? You can't, if you really want to experience grad school and come out feeling great, come live at Richfield.:)

5. The temple, Jeff and I have set a goal to go the first Saturday of every month! I am soo excited for this!

6. Missionaries, I am grateful for my little brother who is faithfully serving in Ecuador. I hope that this next year brings two more missionaries, Erin and Spencer. The world needs good missionaries, and I know that between Jeff and I, our families provide some of the best!

7. The gospel, and Primary. Honestly, I don't want to brag but I serve in the best primary with the best presidency. The women I serve with are spiritual giants, who I look forward to working with each Sunday. Our children, work so hard to learn their songs, and have strong testimonies of Jesus Christ.

8. Extended family. This past year we've learned how much we truly miss family, its been hard living far away. We love the phone calls and emails and we love it when they visit!

9. My health. I'm a firm believer that the lord gives us daily the energy that we need to accomplish his work. I am so grateful for his watchful care.

Happy Thanksgiving

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Julia and Aaron said...

Lol. Yes, our Christmas tree is up too. People have expressed shock over it, but Eldon saw all the trees at the stores and decorations and he was so excited to get ours up too.

Happy Thanksgiving!